We encounter questions without answers, actions beyond explanations in the daily passing of life. Finding a place to ask questions, a place to be heard, a place to learn is a treasure. This treasure is found in Encounter where we desire to learn and grow, and are curious about each other’s individual lives.


Encounter is a place for young adults to express themselves and their love for Jesus Christ. It isn’t just a youth group, but it is a place for teens to be teens. We learn more about our God in exciting and intriguing ways.


Jesus said when a group gathers in his name, he will be there. That’s all I want, to be in the presence of Jesus and friend who are searching for the same thing. The conversation and studying that we have deepens my relationship with him and my hunger for God.


Encounter is a group that builds friendships while building a stronger relationship with Christ.


We try to deepen our relationship with Him. We have fellowship with our fellow young Christians and learn more about God from our brilliant instructor.


We want to be a group of teens who care for each other and spur each other on as we walk with Christ, as a family.


We are more than just a youth group we are a small family that meets every other week on Thursday. We welcome anyone who’s age group ranges from 12-20. In the small group we usually hang out together, pray, play games, and span our conversation for God. We hope you consider joining us with an open hand, we welcome you.


Encounter is a comfortable place where you can ask life’s tough questions among friends. Meetings are a place where young people encounter each other and their leaders with their questions. No matter what the resulting answers, the resulting beauty is an encounter with the loving God that created them.

Youth in 7th grade-high school are welcome to gather Thursdays at 7:00pm at the Maxon home (215 Spring St., Ottawa).