You have a purpose. Discover it through serving others.

We strive to encourage each other to discover the gifts and passions God has designed for us, and to actively serve with them. From opening the door with a smile on Sunday morning, to assisting a teacher in our Children’s Ministry, to helping to create a safe environment for everyone in attendance or working with our Celebrations Team to make our events extra special–we grow in our relationships with God, and each other, as we create a Kingdom environment in our community. Our teams are all about serving God by serving people. If you desire a life filled with more joy, growth and community, join a Grow Team!

Administration Grow Team

This team utilizes their gifts of administration and organization to serve alongside Grow Team Leaders.

Celebrations Grow Team

We love a party! The Celebrations Team works together to plan and organize social events at Christ Community Church. We believe that as we celebrate and eat together, we nourish both body and soul and grow together to become the body of Christ.

Children’s Ministry Grow Team

Children’s Ministries include three different ministries for our youngest Christ followers and guests. WeeCare is for the very youngest—six months through preschool aged tots.  InsideOut is for Kindergarteners through 4th grade.  And 56 is for those who are in 5th and 6th grade. Adults and youth work together to staff all of the children’s ministries.
It is our goal to teach children that God is real and Jesus wants to be our best friend. We do this in a fun and loving way, utilizing the Bible and incorporating engaging activities and games. Children are our most valuable part of the church, and we wish to help them grow in the love of Christ!

Communion Grow Team

This team serves behind the scenes to prepare both the elements and the environment for communion during our Sunday communion service.

Community Meal Grow Team

Every 5th Sunday, this team springs into action as they plan, organize, and serve a free meal that is open to the community.

Encounter (Youth) Grow Team

Join the team that is building the next generation through a Small Group designed to create an encounter with a loving God.

Facilities Grow Team

This team works diligently behind the scenes to maintain a spirit of excellence in our facility. Serving opportunities include special events, services and other needs as they arise.

Finance Grow Team

We are the finance team.  We are the stewards of what God has provided. A growing body will need a solid financial foundation.  Budgeting, counting tithe and discovering our gifts. We are not just pushing pencils.  Join us.

Friends & Family Grow Team

The Friends and Family Team provides opportunities to bring people together serving others or just having fun while fostering and developing relationships.  All events are open to everyone, including newcomers.  Come have fun with us!

Guest Services Grow Team

May we be the first to welcome you to Christ Community Church. We are here to assist you in any way we can. From a smile and opening the door for you to answering any questions you have, we are here to serve you.

NEXT Steps Grow Team

As the official hosts of our NEXT Steps, this team greets guests as well as provides materials and assistance throughout our four classes.

Production Grow Team

Our desire to build community is the motivation behind the Production team at Christ Community. We strive to create an environment, free of distractions, that highlights and punctuates all Weekend Services, Special Events and Functions at Christ Community Church and the Upper Room.

Safety & Security Grow Team

This team is made up of volunteers who are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for Christ Community Church. They have a desire to serve, protect, offer assistance and pastor care to all who attend the church.

Small Group Leader Grow Team

Small Groups are the key ministry to practice Christ Community Church’s “relational” value. As leaders of Small Groups, this team has an opportunity to develop relationships, develop their gifts, and do life together with their groups.

Worship Grow Team

Experiencing the presence of God has long been a high value at Christ Community Church. We as a worship team join our hearts and talents to lift Jesus high and encourage worshippers to enjoy our God.

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