I was made for this.

Where can you plug in?
What purpose does God have for you to fulfill?
Your purpose could be missions abroad, in your backyard, financially supporting or praying for missionaries.
Your purpose could be serving on our building security team.
Your purpose could be teaching a 7 year old what God’s grace is.
Your purpose could be holding a baby, so a new mom can listen to another adult talk for awhile.
Your purpose could be worshipping through your instrumental talents.
Your purpose could be writing a moving poem or sharing an inspired word with the congregation.
Your purpose could be behind the scenes, making sure everything sounds just right.
Yours could be the first smiling, welcoming face someone sees, as they enter the church.

You have a God-given purpose. We want to help you become all that God made you to be, so you can emphatically say, “I was made for this”.

Learn more about our involvement in missions, ways that you can serve, our prayer ministry, or share your story!