To make every effort to bring Christ to people, people to each other, and all of us to our redemptive purpose in the world.

Several important things are built into this statement. More than bringing people to Christ, we want to bring Christ to them. We believe we are “Christ carriers,” members of His very body active in the world, cooperating with Him on His yet unfinished mission in the world. A major part of that mission is the ministry of reconciliation. God is love and His deepest desire is that we be with Him, and we learn how to be with each other. Consequently, we aspire to be a community reconciled to God and each other while helping others in the same. This is our corporate redemptive purpose. We do this by helping each other know their unique gifting and passion and to be empowered for service in the world and in the church. Care to join us in this mission?


Incarnational, Relational, Missional, Beautiful

For thousands of years God has spoken through his prophets. They would declare and write God’s messages. But when God really wanted to make known not only his message but his heart, he became a man. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the incarnation of God. The words of Jesus, who he associated with, how he responded to abandonment and violence, all “flesh out” for us the love of God more articulately than any written word ever could. Similarly, we believe that our message will be most clear and effective if we speak more with our actions than our words. Over time, we hope that you will know more and more of what we believe by watching or participating in what we do. While Jesus will only and always be the head of his body known as the church, we take most gratefully our call to join him in being flesh and blood members of the rest of his body.

While God is everywhere, he lives most specially in relationship. Since God is love, how could this not be true. When we come together in his name, we are promised that he joins us, so we are quite intentional about coming together in families, friendships, small group community, and as a congregation—knowing that in doing this we are gathering with our Father. We are also quite intentional about extending the love of God through relationship with others outside our community.

We mature as people by learning how to receive the love of God and how to love him in return. As a community we have accepted the call and consider it our mission to bring his love to others.

What is it that makes you exclaim praise, awe, or gratitude when you experience it? We know that we are hitting the mark when along the way, our courageous and generous expressions of love for God and each other sometimes have that effect. Our deepest prayer is that the Artist is recognized and glorified.